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Custom Built Computer Systems

Why buy a custom built system instead of a ready-made system from a big superstore?  Glad you asked! Here's your answer.

  • Quality. Our systems are built one at a time by hand so we pay attention to detail. Each system is customized to the buyer's needs so you don't get things you don't want. We do not use proprietary parts, which is better than the big brand-name systems.  Should anything go wrong once the system is out of warranty, you can replace a part easily and inexpensively at just about any computer repair shop.  A proprietary motherboard can cost more than $300 to replace once it is out of warranty, but non-proprietary motherboards are usually 1/3 of that price.

  • Value. We only use top quality parts by manufacturers such as Intel, Seagate, Lite-On, Inwin and Acer.  Some proprietary systems use lower quality parts in order to keep the cost as low as possible.  While that low cost may seem inviting,  low quality parts often cause problems down the road (usually right after your warranty period runs out).  We aim to give you the greatest value: the highest quality for the lowest possible cost.

  • Software. When your system is ready, you receive all your software and manuals.  Each piece of software is on an individual CD as it came from the manufacturer.  Many proprietary systems come with a recovery CD that contains your operating system, hardware drivers and any additional software that was installed on your system.  While this is a great space saver, it can cause a lot of problems  if you ever need to reinstall your operating system or a missing hardware driver.   Sometimes the only way to do that is to restore the system to its factory defaults which means you lose all the programs you have installed and the data you have saved since you bought the system.  Recovery CD's also present a problem if you ever upgrade any of the hardware in your proprietary system because a recovery CD will often only work if the original hardware is still in the system.  Some companies don't give you any cds. Instead, your recovery software is on a special partition on the hard drive. That's very convenient - unless your hard drive dies.

  • Service. We firmly believe in service after the sale.  Although many of our clients are so computer savvy they never need to ask us anything, we still get a lot of "I have a dumb question". The only dumb question is the UNASKED question.  We will do everything we can to get you the right answer and we won't charge you $2.00 a minute (or leave you in voice-mail oblivion)!   In addition, we offer true on-site service for our business clients.  And for our individual clients, we're just a short ride down the road.

  • Experience.  Most technicians at the big computer companies do not have hands-on experience repairing computers.  When you call them for help, they simply read possible solutions from a computer screen.  You're capable of doing that without running up a huge phone bill!  Our technicians are local and have over 30 years combined hands-on experience. 

  • Terms and Conditions. Full payment is due when you order your system.  Completed systems are normally ready within 7-10 business days. Parts availability and pricing is subject to change without notice. Each system is thoroughly tested and carries a one year warranty*.


Now that you know the difference, call us or stop by and let us give you a free custom computer quote. 





*Some restrictions do apply. See actual warranty for terms and conditions.

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