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Computer Repair Services

So you're surfing your favorite web site and you start getting pop-ups.  Or maybe the whole system crashes.  Don't bring out the sledgehammer - let us help you out.  Most problems aren't as hopeless as you might think, so bring your computer to us and we'll take good care of it and you.  Here's what we have to offer.

  • For our individual clients, we offer a flat labor fee of $70. In other words, when you bring your personal computer to our office, you will only pay $70 in labor no matter how long we have to work on it. Of course, parts are extra. Sorry, this does not apply to our business clients. 

  • We fix all brand names of PC's (sorry, no Macs). Our technicians have combined experience of more than 30 years.

  • We repair hardware and software problems.  If you're a business owner and you use proprietary software, we take the time to learn the basics of your software (at no cost to you) so that we can support you properly.

  • We disinfect viruses, as well as spyware, malware, and adware. We will also install the appropriate anti-virus and anti-spyware software if needed.

  • For our business clients, we offer on-site service.  We will come to your business for problems with your computers, printers and network.  We try to get to each service call within 24 hours.  However, if we deem that your situation is critical, we will dispatch a technician as quickly as possible.

  • Most repairs performed in our shop are completed within 3-4 business days.   If we have to order a part, it will take a little longer, so be patient.  But we'll tell you when we expect the part to arrive and the repair job to be finished. We promise your computer won't disappear into the black hole of computer repair!

  • We prepare damage estimates for insurance and military claims. The fee for this service is $30, which is applied to the cost of any repair service we are awarded by the insurance company or military claim department.

  • We offer on-site repair service for businesses in Southwest Oklahoma.*

  • Hardware and software configuration support is available for laptops. In addition, we can replace defective laptop hard drives. However, we do not repair or replace defective laptop motherboards or displays. Please consult the laptop manufacturer for an authorized service center.

  • Due to differences in technology and restrictions on parts availability, we do not repair monitors or printers. Please consult the appropriate manufacturer for an authorized service center.

*Service call fee applies to businesses outside the Lawton/Fort Sill city limits.

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Infinity Computer Services
2322 W. Gore Blvd.
Lawton, OK 73505
voice (580) 351-2911
fax (580) 351-0302

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